Sierra Leone takes bold step towards gender equality with new law mandating 30% of jobs for women

Sierra Leone is opening the door for more women in parliament
Jan.28.2023 21:20 GMT
african women with a child

Sierra Leone is opening the door for more women in parliament. A new law in Sierra Leone will ensure that at least 30% of the country's legislators will be women and will impose similar quotas in other institutions, including government, local communities, the diplomatic corps, and the civil service. The Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Law was promulgated by President Julius Maada Bio on January 19th, a few months before the country's next general elections, scheduled for July 2023.

The law highlights the importance of integrating a gender perspective and increasing women's participation in decision-making processes in all areas. In addition to public institutions, the law also requires that at least 30% of jobs in the private sector (for companies with 25 employees or more) be held by women.

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